Meritocracy Vs Representation

‘Meritocracy Vs Representation’ is a hot topic of deliberation these days,(may be) post the section 377 judgement.Hiring managers who oppose representation have to answer, if meritocracy based hiring is purely meritocratic and merit is clearly articulated? And also why do they believe that representation based hiring discounts merit?

We all need to understand the difference between reservation and representation as more than often we are equating these two which could also be a reason behind the resistance.Representation isn’t about ring-fencing where as Reservation might lead to it.Representation is all about fostering an inclusive culture which welcomes diversity and leverages it for business decision making.

We have seen some biggest product failures in the history as diversity was compromised by the privileged gender – Why did the car airbags was a failure when it was launched? Did the voice recognition system recognize female voice when it was launched? If not, are we saying that, females are not humans?. The health app couldn’t detect menstruation,why?I think that,had these ‘meritocratic’ individuals believed in representation,these products would have catered to females also when those were launched.

History also teaches us that, privileged gender has subjected the minorities to systemic oppression and might fail to even understand the struggles of minorities.In fact the ‘stereotypes’ created by the privileged gender at times invalidate the potential of minorities.Otherwise why would a woman or an effeminate man not be considered a ‘manager enough’ material? Being sensitive equates to incapable of decision making,really?

Such boxed mindsets need to be unboxed and it can only be achieved with representation.

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