We all know what procrastination means. This is the demon which delays tasks from our ‘ToDo’ list. Today when I reflect upon my own journey, one of the reasons which might have delayed my metamorphosis is procrastination.

If we know we shouldn’t be procrastinating then why more often than not we end up doing it? May be because of fear, lack of confidence, depression, self-doubts, ‘log kya kahenge’ or maybe laziness. A homosexual man procrastinates the ‘coming out’ to family because of several reasons which mainly revolve around fear. An adulterous husband delays the confrontation with wife because he wants ‘the other woman’ also in his life. A married woman delays to walk out of an abusive marriage because of self-doubts. A heart-broken person ends up postponing everything because of depression. A student leaves the assignments completion for the last minute before the submission because of laziness.

In all these scenarios the protagonists know what need to be done and what they want to do, but end up doing something else. That’s what happens when we procrastinate. A homosexual man ends up marrying a woman. An adulterous husband ends up losing his wife and the other woman too. A depressed individual ends up harming own self. The list what a student ends up doing is endless.

The brutal reality is we can’t stop procrastinating. It’s in our DNA. We cannot eradicate it but what might have worked for me is, shifting my focus from my fears to courage, from my weaknesses to my strengths, from my defeats to my winning moments, from the toxic people to counting my blessings. The moment I started doing it, I got the required strength to break my cocoon and embrace my true self.

‘Let’s go to Pavilion tomorrow no!” – Me conversing with my bestie whilst I wrote the above blog-post lying in my bed :).

Published by amitakaradkhedkar

An architect of my own self who has gone through a voyage of self discovery to embrace my true self.

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