“ I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” – John Green

That’s what travel is all about. Exploring the unknown, experiencing something new and that’s what I have been doing in my ongoing escapade.

I have been introduced to this dance form called ‘Biodanza’ by this fabulous gentleman called ‘Chris’ from Spain. It was discovered in Chilli around 50 years ago, as was told by him. What’s more fascinating about this dance form, is the amalgamation of below concepts which form it –

1. Volatility – This is the degree of variation that one can bring in. It’s about novelty. It’s about getting rid of the mundaneness.

2. Sexuality – it’s about the way humans experience and express themselves sexually. We too have some Indian folk dance forms which revolve around sexuality. Biodanza is about establishing the connect with your own body, with your own senses.

3. Effectiveness – This dance form helps enhance the effectiveness which is basically the capability of producing the desired results, it’s about doing the right things. It isn’t about how accurate your steps are. It’s about are those steps in the same direction as you wanted.

4. Creativity – This dance isnt about performing to the gallery by doing the same steps in sync, rather it’s about creating something new everytime. It’s about innovation. I believe this aspect is extremely important as most of you know already, innovation is required to sustain in the dynamic, changing environment.

5. Trance – The last aspect behind this dance form is trance which is about connecting with that foreign energy. It’s about loosing oneself and surroundings (without consuming any other substance to get to that stage).

The explanation by Chris really made me think about our lives too. Isn’t it also an amalgamation of these substances??

Ofcourse, I ended up spending more time in conversing with him than the dance but nevertheless got to learn something new.

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An architect of my own self who has gone through a voyage of self discovery to embrace my true self.

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