Selfie therapy

” You should stop taking selfies, it’s a sign of narcissism”, an unsolicited advice came my way in the form of a comment on my selfie.

Social media is a potent platform for lot of us to give unsolicited advice. This is the place where the dormant snakes within some of us suddenly get into an active mode and start spewing venom.

I wouldn’t spend even an ounce of my energy in reacting to such trolls however there might be someone out there going through similar struggles as mine and hence thought of writing this blog post.

I have suffered from body dysphoria for quite sometime, may be due to the heavy influence of the distorted image of beauty that we see around or could be because of my internalised misogyny. The definition of womanhood for me was bound by the shackles of lustrous locks, flawless skin and curves. There were days when my every single moment was clouded with self consciousness, mostly around my physical appearance. Most of my energy used to get consumed in trying to hide the dysmorphic aspects of my physical appearance. I love clothes and used to shop for expensive ones however my self confidence used to come crashing down the moment I used to put those on. Banality was my style even-though my wardrobes were flooded. My thoughts were full of self hatred.

And then I was introduced to this concept called ‘Selfie Therapy ‘ by a dear friend. It’s like maintaining a pictorial journal of one’s own self. You click selfies and just add to your library (regardless of posting on any platforms). Just stare at those during your leisure and you will realise that you have started accepting your physical flaws. Self hatred will gradually turn into self acceptance. You will be more attentive in all your social interactions with less distractions due to your physical appearance.

So when you will see these positive changes within you, all uncalled for ‘ labels ‘ will automatically reduce to amusement.

Published by amitakaradkhedkar

An architect of my own self who has gone through a voyage of self discovery to embrace my true self.

2 thoughts on “Selfie therapy

  1. Dear Ma’am…
    As you mentioned in your post Selfie therapy but now a days people don’t want to change due to they are living in Virtual happiness as well as virtual world….

    They want to saw to world how they are living their life…. But they don’t want come out from their Virtual world or happiness…



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