Internal misogyny within women

Lately on certain platform a definition of womanhood was articulated and also a few times my womanhood was questioned by certain women.To all these ‘women’ I would like to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt regards. My question to you all (with utmost humility) is, pls enlighten a poor soul like me if some diplomaContinue reading “Internal misogyny within women”

NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion summit,2018.

The brutal reality is we all have unconscious bias. It is the ability of our brain to make assumptions and take shortcuts without us realising it. It’s the snap judgement that we tend to make based on the fleeting thoughts. Visible role models and trailblazers, have more than often faced the ‘Us vs Them ‘Continue reading “NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion summit,2018.”