Pen letter to all young women

You’ll be forced to do many things, but you are the one who has ultimate power over yourself. Do what you think is right, even if it means failing. How else are you going to learn how to pick yourself up?

If you don’t want to cook, don’t.

If you don’t want to get married, don’t.

If you don’t want kids, don’t have them.

You’ll be judged on what you decide to do with your life. I say if you want to be a mechanic, or an astronaut, or a doctor, or a lumberjack, or a biker, or whatever, if you decide in your mind what your goal is, there is no force in this world that can stop you.

– Properly purple

NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion summit,2018.

The brutal reality is we all have unconscious bias. It is the ability of our brain to make assumptions and take shortcuts without us realising it. It’s the snap judgement that we tend to make based on the fleeting thoughts.

Visible role models and trailblazers, have more than often faced the ‘Us vs Them ‘ bias. History teaches us that marginalized communities have always been a victim of this bias. Our brain puts certain people in the ‘them’ category based on majorly the prejudices,fear, and ignorance. This categorisation further leads to descrimination. It’s rampant at the workplaces. Celebrations for such role models come with the ‘them’ tagging.

Whilst mentioning bias, we also need to understand the difference between bias and preference.Preference is associated majorly with the competency where as bias prefers prejudice over competence.

One of the ways to eradicate bias,specially at the workplaces could be, questioning and challenging your thinking, opinions, and assumptions.

Excerpts from my talk on ‘Unconscious Bias’ during NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion summit, 2018 in Chennai.


I think the views mentioned below could have been elaborated more rather than indulging in an egotistical battle. Tavleen stands for an ideology which probably some of us have heard from our mothers or grandmothers. Women were asked to keep quite, dress up in a certain way due to the fear of catastrophic repercussions. Whereas Barkha and Faye respersent the change.
Today we have role models who have fought against the odds and are the shining beacon of hope.Keeping quite is an equal crime now.

The need of the hour is,we need men who can, not just support the #metoo movement but also stand behind their mothers,sisters,wives,girlfriends proudly who might be speaking up today.