Internal misogyny within women

Lately on certain platform a definition of womanhood was articulated and also a few times my womanhood was questioned by certain women.To all these ‘women’ I would like to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt regards.

My question to you all (with utmost humility) is, pls enlighten a poor soul like me if some diploma from some university makes a woman and has given you a certificate to authorize people’s womanhood? If yes, kindly share the details of it as I would like to help them correct their flawed curriculum which is certifying such delusional individuals.

You denying a woman her womanhood based on your misinterpretation itself is a reflection of the misogyny that exists within women. We all women have different journeys in our lives which of course consists of various obstacles as well as euphoric moments. We dnt have our lives sorted in our minds the moment we are born.We all go through an evolution,a metamorphosis during various stages of life – physically as well as psychologically. If your struggles don’t take away your womanhood, similarly my struggles (might be different than yours) don’t diss my womanhood. Please nurture a mindset to be empathetic towards other’s struggles.

Its easy to hide behind the cloak of anonymity and spit venom however this might void your own womanhood because some women (who have similar mindsets as yours) relate womanhood with empathy, compassion and love. Changing negative into positive – There!! your ‘authorized’ degree is void and null.

Published by amitakaradkhedkar

An architect of my own self who has gone through a voyage of self discovery to embrace my true self.

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