As the curtains on 2018 close…

2018 has been a hell of a ride. I came across men who are the torch bearers for #HeForShe. Who don’t have toxic masculinity or don’t reinforce misogyny. Yes, such men do exist. I stand firm on my grounds today because of my father who fought battles for me on various fronts. Who stood behind me, every step of the way and have no shame in embracing me as his child. I encountered with men who hated me (may be still do) vis-a-vis men who tried to hit on me. Men who questioned my mental stability vis-a-vis men who believed in me. Men who supported me whilst I explored new avenues and also men who branded me as ‘incapable’.

I stumbled upon women who kept on underlining my imperfections which strengthened my capability of focusing on my strengths. Women who questioned my womanhood vis-a-vis women who applauded me for my courage, wholeheartedly clasped me. Women who disowned me and also women who held my hand. Women who denied (may be still do) my very own existence vis-a-vis women who are #SheForShe. Women who cursed me on every possible platform vis-a-vis women who didn’t leave a single opportunity to bless me for my valour. Women who put me on a pedestal and also women who appreciated my honesty. I witnessed #SheForHe in my very own house when my mother stood behind my father when he supported all my decisions.

I came across people from the LGBTI+ community who are phobic vis-a-vis people who are shining beacon of hope for Inclusion who gave me various opportunities to shine. People who share similar journeys, pains and are achievers. People who practice hate behind the garb of Inclusion vis-a-vis people who are silent messengers of love who showered me with unconditional love whilst I was recovering from my wounds.

I express my gratitude towards all of you for enriching me as a person and being a part of my adventure ride in 2018.I am sure 2019 will also give me more such opportunities to break the glass ceiling.


Published by amitakaradkhedkar

An architect of my own self who has gone through a voyage of self discovery to embrace my true self.

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